Outbound contact to our Māori Land Court users

Kia ora koutou

There is currently a team of contact centre staff calling our Māori Land Court users to update their contact details. This is not a phishing or scam call.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why are you calling?

We are updating the contact records that we hold on our system for people who own Māori land.

This is part of a project to update the Māori Land Court’s computer system.

2. Why can’t the staff calling me give me updates on the progress of my applications?

Our contact centre staff making the calls do not have access to any specific court or application information.

If you require more information about an application before the court, please contact your local office or search our website for more information.

3. Why am I being asked for my date of birth?

We are wanting to make sure that all ownership records are against the correct owner and having a DOB will help us to confirm this.

4. Can I update the details of other members of my family?

At this stage you can only update your own details but if you provide their name and phone number to us we can contact them. We are also looking at providing a form on the website so that people can update their own details.

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