File an appeal in the Māori Appellate Court

The Māori Appellate Court hears appeals against decisions made by the Māori Land Court.

Appeal applications are extremely complex and often involve technical legal arguments and, if you are considering an appeal, we would recommend that you seek independent legal advice.

You normally have 2 months to file an appeal against a final decision of the Māori Land Court, or 1 month from an interim or preliminary decision.

Applications to the Māori Appellate Court must be lodged with the Chief Registrar in Wellington where they are managed by a dedicated team.

When filing an appeal, we will ask you to:

  1. fill in a notice of appeal – form 13 or form 14 
    Form 13 - Notice of appeal [PDF, 50 KB]
    Form 14 - Leave to appeal [PDF, 51 KB]
  2. also include:
    1. detailed evidence to support your appeal
    2. any outcomes you are seeking as a result of the appeal
    3. contact information for any person who may be affected, including those persons who will be affected if your appeal is successful (the respondents)
  3. file your completed application with the Chief Registrar in Wellington and pay the filing fee of $350

Before proceeding with an appeal we encourage you to get independent legal advice from your lawyer or from your local Community Law Centre.

Community Law Centre(external link)

For more assistance you can contact us

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