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Information booklets and factsheets

Our information booklets cover a range of topics in both English and Māori.


English Version

Te Reo Māori Version

Māori Land Trusts - A comprehensive guide to the different types of trusts that can be created by the Māori Land Court, their purposes, the process for creating them and how they work.

Māori Land Trusts [PDF, 744 KB]

Kaitiaki Whenua Māori [PDF, 754 KB]

Trustees' Duties - A guide to help trustees understand their roles and responsibilities over Māori land specifically but also as a trustee generally.

Trustees’ duties [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Ngā mahi a ngā Kaitiaki [PDF, 702 KB]

Succession - A guide to succession to Māori land – what happens to Māori land when someone passes away, how it’s transferred and to whom.

Succession [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Te Mana Tuku [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Transferring Māori land shares - A guide to the transfer of individual shares in Māori land – by sale or by gift – through a vesting order.

Transferring Māori land shares [PDF, 333 KB]

Te Whakawhitihea Whenua Māori [PDF, 232 KB]

Māori Reservations - A guide to the establishment and management of a Māori Reservation.

Māori reservations [PDF, 389 KB]

Whenua Rāhui Māori [PDF, 387 KB]

Māori Incorporations - A guide to the establishment and management of a Māori Incorporation.

Māori incorporations [PDF, 856 KB]

Ngā Kaporeihana Māori [PDF, 949 KB]

Title Improvement - A guide to the partition, amalgamation and aggregation of Māori land. Includes discussion on surveys, valuations, roadways and occupation orders.

Title improvement [PDF, 385 KB]

Te Whakahou Taitara [PDF, 349 KB]

Applications -  A general guide to the application process in the Māori Land Court.

Applications [PDF, 327 KB]

Ngā Tono [PDF, 326 KB]


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Other useful guides and publications

Our other useful guides and publications have resulted from specific projects and contain information that may be of interest to you.

DescriptionLast updated

Map of the current Māori Land Court  District boundaries for the North Island [PDF, 5 MB] - A static map showing the boundaries of Taitokerau, Waikato-Maniapoto, Waiariki, Tairāwhiti, Tākitimu and Aotea Districts of the Māori Land Court


Map of the current Māori Land Court – Te Waipounamu District boundary [PDF, 5.5 MB] - A static map showing the boundaries of the Te Waipounamu District of the Māori Land Court


Māori Land Court and Māori Appellate Court Hearing Dates 2016 [PDF, 723 KB] - Our hearing dates and venues for the following year are confirmed by the Chief Judge and the Chief Registrar in October of each year.


He Pou Herenga Tangata, He Pou Herenga Whenua, He Pou Whare Tangata – 150 years of the Māori Land Court [PDF, 11 MB] - Marking the 150th anniversary of the Māori Land Court – this publication looks at the history of the Court and its evolution from the Native Land Court to the modern Māori Land Court that it is today. Note: Only limited print copies of this publication are available. Contact us for assistance


Retention and Disposal Appraisal Report – Māori Land Court and Māori Appellate Court – Court Records [PDF, 1.1 MB] - A detailed appraisal, discussion, identification and categorisation of records held by the Māori Land Court and Māori Appellate Court


Glossary of Common words and phrases used in the Māori Land Court [PDF, 184 KB]


A guide to the Māori Land Court minute book abbreviations [PDF, 470 KB] - A factsheet which provides information about, and a summary of, abbreviations used for minute books of the Māori Land Court and Māori Appellate Court


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Trust deeds

Applications relating to the creation and review of trusts often refer to trust orders or trust deeds. We have a number of draft trust orders or deeds which you can download, review and customise for your trust. These are examples only and in all cases you should always seek independent legal advice when considering your terms of trust. These example trust deeds are as follows:


Whānau Trust – Simple Terms of Trust [DOC, 41 KB]
An example of a simple terms of trust for a whānau trust


Whānau Trust – Comprehensive Terms of Trust [DOC, 45 KB]
An example of a more comprehensive set/terms of trust for a whānau trust


Ahu Whenua/Whenua Tōpū – Simple Terms of Trust [DOC, 63 KB]
An example of a simple set/terms of trust for an Ahu Whenua Trust or a Whenua Tōpū Trust


Ahu Whenua/Whenua Tōpū – Comprehensive Terms of Trust [DOC, 189 KB]
A more comprehensive example of the terms of trust that could be set for any management structure


These deeds can be used when creating a trust or as examples when you are considering an amendment or review of your existing trust deed or trust order. You can find more information on:

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Past Judges' Corner articles

Our judiciary often make presentations or author papers and articles on different issues relating to Māori land or the Māori Land Court. A list of these publications is set out below:


Judge Miharo Armstrong's Swearing-in speech - August 2014 [PDF, 329 KB]


Judge Stephanie Milroy discusses Māori women Judges in Aotearoa - March 2016 [PDF, 446 KB]


Judge Sarah Reeves' speech to the Federation of Māori Authorities National Conference - September 2014 [PDF, 444 KB]


Judge David Ambler's discussion on the Proposed Review of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 - June 2014 [PDF, 191 KB]


Judge Stephanie Milroy's discussion on Urupā Reservations (Māori burial grounds) - March 2014 [PDF, 411 KB]


Judge Craig Coxhead discusses Māori Governance - June 2012 [PDF, 449 KB]


Judge Patrick Savage reflects on nearly 20 years as a Māori Land Court Judge - November 2013 [PDF, 374 KB]


Judge Stephen Clark discusses Whānau Trusts - February 2013 [PDF, 358 KB]


(Former) Judge Andrew Spencer discusses residential utlisation of multiply owned Māori land - June 2012 [PDF, 433 KB]


Judge Stephine Milroy discusses leases and licenses over Māori Reservation land - March 2012 [PDF, 183 KB]


Judge Layne Harvey discusses the appointment of trustees to Māori land trusts - February 2012 [PDF, 319 KB]


Deputy Chief Judge Fox discusses the (now completed) Māori Freehold Land Registration Project - August 2011 [PDF, 313 KB]


Chief Judge Wilson Isaac discusses Māori Land in today's context - May 2011 [PDF, 311 KB]


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